DIRTastic sessions


DIRTastic Sessions are one day pop-up skill building clinics for women who ride dirt bikes. We build confidence through showing each other that we can do anything we put our minds to. With skill building sessions, games and a strong team, the DIRTastic experience is like none else! All levels welcome, from your first ride to expert!


DIRTastic is focused on skill building for all riders! Whether you ride off-road or the motocross track, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of skills that benefit both types of riding. We use motocross tracks that offer both trails as well as a track. Each location has specifically been chosen for the needs of DIRTastic, allowing us to change up what we bring to each Session.

Previous Dirtastic Skill Session locations:

february 23/24, 2019

Riverdale Raceway

March 16/17, 2019

Riley Ranch mx

To ensure that you and your fellow riders have an optimal learning and riding experience, the following are requirements to attend a DIRTastic Session:
Off-Road or Motocross preferably Bike Year 2000+ and must be in good running condition! We do not have mechanics on-site and may not be able to help you with mechanical issues.
REQUIRED Protective Gear: Helmet, Goggles, Off-road/MX Motorcycle Boots, Gloves, Knee Guards. Additional Recommended Gear: Riding Pants, Jersey, Chest Protector, Neck Brace. 

Please email us with any questions regarding to these requirements.